Video: Watch Amir in our Would You Rather game

Will you rather fight a bull or swim with sharks? Amir thought we were out to kill him when we challenged him for a game of Would You Rather. Luckily he also drew more some peaceful questions, and as such he is ready to head to Stockholm for Eurovision 2016.

Amir is a big technology geek, so what does he answer to if he would rather go a hundred years back in time or hundred years into the future? You might be surprised his answer to this or one of the other questions he drew for this game of Would You Rather.

The setting was quite simple: Amir drew five questions out of a larger pile all made with the purpose to show a more personal side of him. He didn’t know the questions before he was to answer it and as such you get an honest and real reaction. No rehearsing and no preparation.

Please enjoy our meeting with Amir in the video below where he also sings a little but from his 2016 Eurovision entry J’ai cherché:

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