Victoria’s new emotional single ‘Alright’ brought her to tears

Some songs take a long time to write, others are done in a couple of hours. The latter is the case with Victoria’s new single ‘Alright’. Despite it being written quite quickly at the of a long day, it made the 2020 Bulgarian favourite cry.

Back in January, on a Eurovision songwriting camp, Victoria and her team were tired after a long day, which hadn’t ended yet. There was still work to do – and in a break gather new energy, a new song was created. Today, Victoria released that song.

Victoria was one of the top favourites to win the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. If the contest hadn’t been cancelled, it could have brought Bulgaria their very first victory. We’ll unfortunately never know if Tears Getting Sober would have won.

Today’s new single Alright is written with some of the songwriters who wrote her Eurovision entry; Cornelia Wiebois and Borislav Milanov. The other co-writers are Sanne Österberg and Martin Masarov. On the video crew side, we also find the familar Four Elementz who did the Tears Getting Sober video. Ligna Studios co-directed. The video for Alright was filmed in Burgas and Primorsko, two seaside cities on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria.

Alright was written in Bulgaria during an Eurovision songwriting camp in January. We were quite tired from the long sessions and we just wanted to take a little break. Together with Sanne Österberg, Cornelia Wiebois, Martin Masarov and Borislav Milanov we wrote it in few hours. I cried the night we recorded it. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Victoria in a press release

In the embedded video below, you can listen to this new single from Victoria:

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