Soluna Samay back with new Golden album

This morning, Soluna Samay released a new album on which she shows a new style. The 2012 Eurovision participant is back with a quiet album more suitable for intimate café performances than radio airplay and big stages. It is pleasant without anything to distract.

Imagine a café a bit off the main streets. You enjoy a Cafee Latte and a freshly made sandwich. In the corner of the café you find a girl singing. Maybe she is accompanied by one or two musicians this day or maybe she is alone with her guitar. The music is pleasant in the background, not louder than you can still have a conversation. That singer could be Soluna Samay judging from her new album titled Golden and released today. It is not an album suitable for big stages, outfit changes and most likely it won’t get a lot of airplay either. But it is pleasant and honest, and quite frankly, refreshing.

Soluna has grown up and matured a lot since 2012 where she represented Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Should’ve Known Better. That is what this album shows. You never know which path she takes after this, but for now you believe that this is the true Soluna Samay and you are quite pleased that she found herself.

The album is available on iTunes, Spotitfy and a physical CD will be sold from her website.

Tracklist for Golden:

  1. Golden
  2. This Town
  3. Mistakes
  4. In The Country
  5. Get Me Outta Here
  6. TV Blues
  7. There Is A Way
  8. Look At Them Go
  9. Moving Cars
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