Problems in Paradisio for Mihai Trăistariu

Problems for Mihai’s song with which he hopes to win the Romanian national final and return to the Eurovision stage after 10 years seems to continue. After the song leaked first on YouTube without Mihai’s permission now a fault that was spotted in the official video clip gathers negative comments mainly of the Romanian diaspora.

Paradisio is the song with which Mihai Trăistariu hopes to win Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. Unfortunately for him the song was launched with an installation error. At 3,41 of the video an extra voice is heard, as Mihai revealed is the voice of the video director. The artist said that the error is actually a special effect. But the pressure of the fans and the negative comments of the Romanian diaspora makes him reconsider it. Now he wants to remake the controversial video, of course without this fault or special effect. Until then, however, and in order to settle the reactions, he decided to release a lyric video. In the meantime strong names of the Romanian pop scene enter the Romanian national selection, so the competition will be high and Mihai’s victory isn’t sure.

Below you can watch the lyric video of Paradisio:

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