New album released – all in Turkish – from 2003 Eurovision winner Sertab

Former Eurovision winner Sertab Erener released her new album “Ben Yaşarım” last night. In an hour long broadcast, she talked about the album, and played one of the songs from it. The album, all in Turkish, contains 14 songs, of which one is written by another former participant Can Bonomo.

The new album was announced 16 days ago by Sertab on Instagram, and last night, the time had come. It was also on her Instagram account, she promoted the album in an hour long broadcast.

Sertab told the story and talked about the creators of each 14 songs on the album during the broadcast. It is a remarkable fact that Can Bonomo, the 2012 and so far last representative of Turkey at Eurovision, wrote the lyrics for Anca Gidersin. At the end of the show, the 2003 Eurovision winner sang the the song Kafanı Yorma a for the viewers.

She said her major aim is to promote her new album with a concert like every artist. For now, it will be drive in concerts on the 3rd and 4th of July in Istanbul Yenikapı.

Ben Yaşarım – the songs on the album

The album is produced by Sertab and her husband Emre Kula contains the following 14 songs. The album will be physical released on CD as well as vinyl.

  • Ben Yaşarım (Lyrics: Sertab Erener/ Music: Emre Kula)
  • Farzet (Lyrics: Sertab Erener & Ersel Serdarlı/ Music: Ersel Serdarlı)
  • Kafanı Yorma (Lyrics & Music: Sertab Erener)
  • Geçer (Lyrics: Sertab Erener & Ersel Serdarlı/ Music: Ersel Serdarlı
  • Sormaz (Lyrics: Sertab Erener/  Music: Sertab Erener & Emre Kula)
  • Koyudur Karanlığı (Lyrics & Music: Doğan Duru)
  • Aç Sesini (Lyrics: Sertab Erener/ Music: Ersel Serdarlı)
  • Anca Gidersin (Lyrics: Can Bonomo/ Music: Emre Kula)
  • Belki de Aşk Lazım Değildir /Lyrics: Sezen Aksu/ Music: İlker Bayraktar & Ayda Tunçboyacı)
  • Hepsi Aşktan (Lyrics: Sertab Erener & Ersel Serdarlı/ Music: Ersel Serdarlı)
  • Bu Dünya (Lyrics: Sertab Erener/ Music: Emre Kula)
  • Kız Leyla (Lyrics & Music: Sezen Aksu)
  • Belki de Dönersin
  • Anca Gidersin – Rock Version

In the embedded video below, you can enjoy the song Kafanı Yorma. On Spotify, you can listen to the entire album. 

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