Mikolas Josef wins the jury vote in Eurovision Song CZ!

The Czech Television has revealed the 10 international jury members and also their winner participant of the country’s national selection. The rest is to be released with the final results next Monday.

Two weeks ago, on 8th January, the wait was over as Czech Television published and presented their 6 hopefuls for the online national selection. Now, when the public online voting was finally over, the broadcaster revealed 10 names of the ex-Eurovision artists who formed the professional jury. The jury cast its votes and it was revealed just a few moments ago, that their winner is Mikolas Josef with the song Lie to Me with 68 points out of the possible total of 80 points – every member of the 10 piece jury gave out 8 points to the best song and then 6 to the second and 4 to 1 to the rest.

The rest of the ranking is yet unknown but it is expected to be released next Monday, 29th January, when also the results of the public voting should be out. It was also revealed that a total of 16 000 unique votes were sent through the official Eurovision app.

Jury members

But who are the members of the international jury? Many are Eurovision stars from the last two Eurovision Song Contests!

  • Dami Im (Australia 2016)
  • Iveta Mukuchyan (Armenia 2016)
  • Jalisse (Italy 1997)
  • Liora (Israel 1995)
  • Nathan Trent (Austria 2017)
  • Naviband (Belarus 2017)
  • Norma John (Finland 2017)
  • Robin Bengtsson (Sweden 2017)
  • Sanja Vučić ZAA (Serbia 2016)
  • Sunstroke Project (Moldova 2010 & 2017)

According to the interviews with the jury members that were released on the official website of the broadcaster, we know who was also a favourite. Every juror was asked how they are satisfied with the finalists and all of them expressed their satisfaction with the diversity of music styles and also the quality of the songs. They were also asked who got their highest score (8 points). While some of them told that it is a top secret, some were more talkative and let us know part of their results. Mikolas was the best for Dami Im and Sanja Vučić. It may be expected that Sunstroke Project preferred Mikolas, but their highest score went surprisingly to Pavel Callta. Debbi was a favourite of Jalisse. Nathan Trent’s top 2 consisted of Mikolas and Debbi. Iveta Mukuchyan then commented on each of the finalists and then finished with the information that she decided between Mikolas and Doctor Victor when it came to the best one.

Who didn’t make it to the final 6?

The Czech finalists – Mikolas Josef, Eva Burešová, Pavel Callta, Debbi, Eddie Stoilow and Doctor Victor – are now impatiently waiting for next Monday. EuroVisionary already informed you about the messages of their songs last week. Before the announcement of their names, many names were rumored to be taking part. Most frequently it was Jakub Ondra with the song Reasons To Love You, who revealed himself that he is among the shortlisted artists. This was confirmed by the delegation after the press conference. But Jakub wasn’t the only one hoping to represent the Czech Republic in Lisbon. There was also Elis (Eliška Mrázová) who is not only a singer but also a composer of her own songs. And last but not least, Annabelle, who usually sings in French, had her song Septembre in the selection. Unfortunately, all these three artists were not lucky enough to get into the final 6, but, if the national final had more places, they would probably have made it, too. Hopefully, we will see them competing for the Czech Republic in the following years.

You can remind yourselves of the six finalists of the national selection, Eurovision Song CZ, in the recap video below.

Source: http://ceskatelevize.cz/esc
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