Melodifestivalen 2017 heat 3: Robin Bengtsson and Owe Thörnqvist make it to the final

The search for the next Swedish Eurovision participant has reached heat three in the city of Växjö. The two acts which went to the final was Robin Bengtsson and Owe Thörnqvist while Anton Hagman and FO&O gets another chance through the second chance heat.

The third out of five heats that leads up to the final was held tonight in VIDA Arena in the city of Växjö. Two songs went straight to the final while the third and fourth placed songs got a place in the fifth heat called “andra chansen”.

The songs

1. Robin BengtssonI Can’t Go On (Text & Music: David Kreuger, Hamed ”K-One” Pirouzpanah, Robin Stjernberg)

Robin Bengtsson came fifth in Melodifestivalen 2016 and is back to improve his result with a song which seems to have been inspired by Justin Timberlake’s hit Can’t Stop The Feeling.
The F-word is used repeatedly in the song which means that we now have two songs over the past two weeks where the word has been featured in the lyrics and still there is not much of a stir about it. This could be explained in that for many swedes the word appears to be more seen as a ‘cool’ word to use rather than to perceive it as offensive.
Robin is dressed in a suit and he and his four dancers starts performing the song backstage where they move through the corridors out to the stage. As they perform the song they all walk on escalators that have been brought on the stage for this number only. It looks all really good on the tv-screen. Robin is a hot favourite to make it to yet another final so it would be a big surprise if he wasn’t one of the direct qualifiers.

2. Krista Siegfrids – Snurra min jord (Text & Music:Krista Siegfrids, Gustaf Svenungsson, Magnus Wallin, Gabriel Alares)

Krista is perhaps most known as Finlands Eurovision 2013 participant with the song Marry Me but she also took part in Melodifestivalen 2016 with the song Faller. The song Krista performs this year is quite similar in style to her song from 2016 and has a clear vibe of the Swedish singers September/Petra Marklund and Veronica Maggio’s songs. Krista has two male and two female dancers with her and this is a performance with a lot of dancing. Krista performs well but the question remains if the song really is strong enough or will she face the same fate as in 2016 when she did not advance from her heat.

3. Anton HagmanKiss You Goodbye (Text & Music: Christian Fast, Tim Schou, Henrik Nordenback)

The 18-year old Anton Hagman is a unknown name for the Swedish audience. Anton is alone on stage with a microphone stand and playing a guitar and singing a pop song. In the background is a big screen with a video projection of Anton very which is very similar to the one that Lisa Ajax used in the second heat. It’s a very simple number and Anton needs to use his charm and make good eye contact with the cameras if he wants to collect enough votes to advance in the competition.

4. Jasmine Kara – Gravity

Jasmine Kara is a known name to many of the viewers as she has taken part in other big TV shows as Let’s Dance (the (Swedish equivalent of ‘Dancing with the stars’). Jasmin is alone on the stage wearing a red dress and the background also goes in red. She sings a modern and energetic pop song which resembles a bit to the songs sung by the singer Sia, the refrain certainly has a slight touch of ‘Titanium’. The hook in the refrain is quite powerful and goes ‘But we’re gravity gravity ey’. There are some cool camera effects here that makes it look like Jasmine is spinning around. One of the ones to watch tonight for sure.

5. Owe ThörnqvistBoogieman Blues

Now it’s time for the oldest competitor in the history of Melodfestivalen. Owe Thörnqvist makes his debut as a singer in the compeition at the age of 87 and has a bit of legendary status as he is considered as one of the first to introduce Rock music in Sweden. His song Boogieman Blues is very 50’s sounding and typical to his songs from back then. It’s a bit similar in its style to the song ‘Copycat’ that represented Belgium at Eurovision 2009.
Owe starts sitting on a bar stool on stage and he uses the harmonica at one part of the song. With him on stage is three singing girls and three band members, some of the members are from the group Top Cats which entered Melodifestivalen in 2012. This song is so out of date that it should not stand a chance but maybe Owe can gain some cult status votes which could save him from ending up last in the Semi.

6. Bellla & FilippaCrucified

Next up is the young duo Bella & Filippa, in fact Bella is the first participant in Melodifestivalen that is born in the 00’s. This is gentle pop – think Amy MacDonald and swedish band First Aid Kit! Both the girls play the guitars on stage. On the screens behind and on the floor between the two the girls there is a moving road effect, and yes it’s very similar to the moving road visuals from the Common Linnets performance in Copenhagen 2014.Filippa had some problems with her voice due to cold at the rehearsals but they seem to be gone now. Can the girls charm the viewers and make their big breakthrough this evening?

7. FO&OGotta Thing About You

Felix, Oscar & Omar forms the boyband FO&O (their former name was The Fooo Conspiracy, however the name was changed after a fourth member left the band). The song Gotta Thing About You is very much a track that would fit perfectly in an album from Take That or the Backstreet Boys. The performance involves a lot of synced dancing from the guys. Later during the performance they are using a platform which moves the band up in the air above the stage and the crowd. There are also some fireworks used as the platform is moving up. The band has a fan base called “Foooers” and they are expected to help the boys advancing to the final in Friends Arena.

The show

First we get a quick recap of the second heat. The opening act that follows shows a mix of videos who viewers sent in where they show how they are watching Melodifestivalen together while the three hosts David Lindgren, Hasse Andersson & Clara Henry performs a song which is about what you do while watching Melodifestivalen.

So far the interval acts has been what has been most memorable thing about this years Melodifestivalen. Hasse Andersson did a memorable performance with the band Mustasch two weeks ago and David Lindgrens performance from last week is already considered as one of the best ever so the expectations are quite high to see what this week has to offer. This time it is Clara Henry who does the interval act. She appears in a glittery suit and sings Alcazar’s hit from Melodifestivalen 2003 Not A Sinner Nor A Saint with new lyrics that is meant to encourage all women that you are good just the way you are. She is later joined during the performance by the Alcazar members Tess Merkel and Lina Hedlund and the three girls deliver a slick performance together.

Before we get the final results with who went to the final and the second chance we have David Lindgren performing his song from Melodifestivalen 2012 Shout It Out now with new lyrics about what a pain it is to sit in the green room.

The result

Five songs went through from the first round of voting:

Song 1: I Can’t Go On by Robin Bengtsson
Song 3: Kiss You Goodbye by Anton Hagman
Song 5: Boogieman Blues by Owe Thörnqvist
Song 6: Crucified by Bella & Filippa
Song 7: Gotta Thing About You by FO&O

After the second round of voting ended the first finalist to be announced was Robin Bengtsson. The second finalist was Owe Thörnqvist. Anton Hagman and FO&O were 3rd and 4th and goes to Andra chansen (the second chance heat)

The rest of the results:
5. Crucified by Bella & Filippa
6. Gravity by Jasmine Kara
7. Snurra min jord by Krista Siegfrids
(Note: who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th is not revealed until after the final in March).

Source: EuroVisionary
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