Meet Gytis Valickas Lithuanian Grammy winner and Eurovision writer

This week, on the Lithuanian Eurovision show, Paula Valentaitė will sing her heart out, knowing that she is under the guidance of an award winning producer, Gytis Valickas. He spoke to us about their meeting and his further plans.

EuroVisionary are proud to introduce you to Gytis Valickas, an up and coming record producer from Vilnius, Lithuania. Gytis, who uses the pseudonym, Echoes is an awarding winning singer-songwriter as well as a music producer.

This week was a highlight in Gytis’ life, as Donny Montell, won the M.AM.A, the Lithuanian Grammy award for best album, #BLCK. Gytis was the producer of that album and is featured on many of the tracks. Currently he is busy working on new music with Donny, for release soon. As if that wasn’t enough, he has recorded his own single Resolutions.

However the next goal for Gytis is to get Let U Go by Paula Valentaitė to be Lithuania’s Eurovision entry for the 2017 contest.

Gytis told EuroVisionary, that he saw Paula singing and playing guitar. He had never seen her before but knew instantly there was something magical about her. He introduced himself to her, and found himself captivated. After suggesting they work together to create a song for Eurovision, Paula already had the vision of what she wanted the song to be about. Gytis knew what he wanted the record to sound like.

Working together, it seems this girl, who a few months ago wanted to spread her message about being happy and chasing dreams is now doing exactly that. At such a young age, 16, she is already inspiring a lot of people, saying that we are the ones controlling our own destiny. We choose what our lives will be like.

Paula explained to us that when she and Gytis, were jamming in the studio, the lyrical idea for Let U Go came really quickly. Once they had the lyrics, the melody started to flow. Paula is inspired by the fact that so many people believe in the song. The song has been watched over 200,000 times since its publication.

The judges were not so kind to Paula in her first week, but the Lithuanian public placed Paula at the top of the leader board. The duo went back to the drawing board and improved the performance and changed the visuals. More lighting and effects were added to give the song more energy and movement. Two dancers also joined Paula on stage. The jury upped their score and if the public stay true, they will breeze into the next round.

Paula is promoting the song extensively in Lithuania. She will be “popping up” all over Vilnius to perform the song and on Saturday she will be back on LRT with a brand new version. Adding to the good news, Lithuanian 2015 representative, Vaidas Baumila, has now officially added his support to the song.

So what’s next for the duo? Gytis is open to working in America. He acknowledges how hard it is to make connections in Lithuania. With the work ethic of these two talented people, the sky is the limit.

Below you can enjoy the original version of Paula’s Let U Go.

Source: Eurovisionary, Gytis Valackis, Echoes, Paula Valentaitė
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