ManU dressing room like a Eurovision Song Contest

On a big international football team like Manchester United you have a lot of different nationalities and if they are fighting to play each their national music it can remind a bit of a Eurovision Song Contest and that is indeed what English captain and defender, Rio Ferdinand is calling Manchester United’s dressing room!

To The Sun Rio Ferdinand describe the battle as: My iPod has the greatest variety. But some of the young European lads don’t appreciate old Hacienda house music. Patrice Evra gets involved with selecting dressing room music. He caters for the foreign lads a bit more with his Euro pop. I reckon it could challenge Eurovision in the cheesy stakes. Cristiano Ronaldo is a fan of Nelly Furtado who is also of Portuguese decent. Ireland’s John O’Shea could bring some Westlife records to the party. And Owen Hargreaves is a rock ’n’ roll fan but with his German upbringing it could be more David Hasselhoff than Oasis.

Source: The Sun
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