Lithuania 2016: Donny Montell presents new album #BLCK

Yesterday an album launch event was held by Arts Printing House in Sweden for Donny Montell’s new album #BLCK. To go along with the title the presentation of Donny’s fourth album took place in darkness and includes his Eurovision entry in several mixes.

This will be Donny’s fourth album, which he has been creating in his basement for two years.The two years of work has included help from Spanish, Swedish and Lithuanian producers.

Donny says this album offers a Scandinavian quality and modern sound. The album has been his most expensive to make and he has been involved creatively in all it’s development, including the album art work.

Manager Martin Silence is quoted as saying the cost was more expensive that a car.

The tattoos covering Donny on the #BLCK album cover took over seven hours and has the song titles embedded in the design. All the songs are considered to be of a global standard with most of the album sung in English for mass appeal.

The album should cost about 6 Euros digitally and the physical CD will be 15 Euros. The album, which Donny has promised to sign, should you run into him, will be available in stores and gas stations in Sweden as well.

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Donny Montell (Lithuania 2016)

Do you know in which country Donny won a musical Grand Prix in 2008? This quiz will show if you know Donny Montell as much as you might think so.

Donny Montell

The track list is as follows:

Kas Busim Rytoj
Tai Musu Laikas
Viskas Bus Geral
Light It Up
Iv’e Been Waiting For This Night
Be My Baby
Love U More
Don’t Touch Me
New Wave
Let ‘Em Know
Is Proto Einu
Wicked Games
Iv’e Been Waiting For This Night (Club Mix)
Iv’e Been Waiting For This Night (Trap Mix)
Visa Kira Tau
As Visada Busui Tavo

Donny will sing I’ve Been Waiting For This Night in 9th position in the second semi final on May 12th.

Source: LRT,
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