Greece 2016: More details about the song revealed

Local news site reported some more information about the song that Argo will sing for Greece in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The article revealed part of the lyrics and that the chorus will be in English.

Greek journalist, Gregory Melas from, revealed new information regarding the Greek participation in Stockholm. Among them, some of the lyrics of the Greek song. The article says:

The band Argo, as ERT officially announced will compete for our country in the Eurovision Song Contest. Most of the members of the newly formed band comes from Europond, a band that was among many other candidates heard by ERT’s jury along with the president of the Greek broadcaster Dionysis Tsakni in order to select the country’s participant. Despite what is written and heard, the jury spoke with record companies and with independent artists and after a joint decision chose to mix the members of Europond with other artists to create Argo. It is worth mentioning that while talking with ERT officials, we asked them why they decided against making a contest and go with an internal selection. This approach was chosen in order to reduce costs and also because they did not want to end up with a mediocre Greek National Final. From the beginning it was decided that a collaboration with other TV channels would not happen for the Greek Selection. After discussing the situation, it was agreed that they would continue with an internal selection.and so we started searching for talent, and we found a lot! So, according to my sources the song has a strong ethnic element, but other than hip hop verses in Greek and words in the Pontic dialect, the chorus is in English to reach as many listeners worldwide. As we’ve seen in previous articles of Newsit, the song refers to refugees and the economic crisis in our country, but the music and the lyrics are cheerful and optimistic. Pushing the message that the sun will rise. In short, this is a bilingual song with ethnic influences with an optimistic, cheerful and uplifting message. The lyrics go: «We are the rise of the rising sun, dance with us and have some fun. We are the rise of the rising sun, fight with us for a Utopian land». Also according to the same source, in the coming days a music video will be shot for the song and then Argo will officially present their entry. Finally it is worth mentioning that perhaps the lyrics, do not say much, but it is a sample of the song that can eventually win by listening carefully. Besides, if you borrow some of the lyrics “… I look back but moving forward” because it is about fighting with us for this “Utopian land”.

The things we should take from that article is the fact that ERT, as EuroVisionary wrote last summer, decided to end the collaboration that NERIT (the previous Greek broadcaster) had with MAD TV for the production of the national final. The song which will be presented in late February will be ethnic, hip hop with lyrics in Greek and Pontic dialect while the chorus will be in English.

This will be the 37th Greek entry in the contest. Greece has won the contest once in 2005 with Helena Paparizou and My Number One. Last year in Vienna Maria Elena Kyriakou with her song One Last Breath, finished in the 19th place.

Below you can watch a compilation of the last 7 years of greece in the Eurovision Song Contest. We did our best to find our greatest footage, and maybe you’ll see something you haven’t seen before.

Source: EuroVisionary,
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