France 2016: Third Eurovision clue revealed

French TV have just released the third clue for us detectives on the hunt for the name of this year’s French Eurovision participant, and this time we were treated with a little video. With three clues revealed, have you guessed who it is yet?

Anyone who likes to solve a mystery will like the way French TV is giving out clues as to who their participant for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest is going to be, and those interested in social media marketing will find it brilliant. The catch to get these clues is to follow France 2 on Twitter and to help them get more followers. For the third clue they yesterday asked to reach 3333 followers. As that was secured today we got the clue, which is the embedded video just below.

The text translates to: “Hint #3: Tomorrow at #Eurovision #weekend #Artist or artists?” In the video they have the text “At the beginning there was one group… See you soon for the following things”

This is an updated clue as earlier today they released another clue as #3 where it was clear from the text that it was only one artist, so it is interesting that they now changed the clue – and to say that it isn’t clear yet if it is single or plural.

Please go to our article from the 16th of February to check up on clue one and two.

Source: France 2 on Twitter
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