Euro 2008 program and results

The Euro 2008 championship held in Switzerland and Austria started today. We’ll keep you updated with the latest results throughout the whole tournament where 14 Eurovision countries plus two former ones, Italy and Austria, compete against each other.

Ok, football might not be the Eurovision Song Contest, although many football fans will claim that this fantastic game played with the feet can create music when done best. This spring we have however seen a couple of Eurovision Song Contest connections with former British participant, James Fox, recording a football song for his favourite team, British football fans singing an older Norwegian entry to cheer up their players and Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand comparing their dressing room with a Eurovision Song Contest.

In this 2008 edition of the European Championship 16 countries are taking part. Over 23 days they will be fighting for the trophy proving that they are the best national football team in Europe. The tournament has been played every fourth year since 1960 with Sovjet Union being the first winner, followed by Spain (1964), Italy (1968), West Germany (1972 and 1980), Czechoslovakia (1976), France (1984 and 2000), The Netherlands (1988), Denmark (1992), Germany (1996) and Greece (2004) winning it.

Euro2008 program and results: (CET time)

Time Host city
Country 1
Flag 1
Flag 2
Country 2
7th of June 18:00 Basel Switzerland 0-1 Czech Republic Group A
7th of June 20:45 Geneva Portugal 2-0 Turkey Group A
8th of June 18:00 Vienna Austria 0-1 Croatia Group B

8th of June 20:45

Klagenfurt Germany 2-0 Poland Group B
9th of June 18:00 Zürich Romania 0-0 France Group C
9th of June 20:45 Berne Netherlands 3-0 Italy Group C
10th of June 18:00 Innsbruck Spain 4-1 Russia Group D
10th of June 20:45 Salzburg Greece 0-2 Sweden Group D
11th of June 18:00 Geneva Czech Republic 1-3 Portugal Group A
11th of June 20:45 Basel Switzerland 1-2 Turkey Group A
12th of June 18:00 Klagenfurt Croatia 2-1 Germany Group B
12th of June 20:45 Vienna Austria 1-1 Poland Group B
13th of June 18:00 Zürich Italy 1-1 Romania Group C
13th of June 20:45 Berne Netherlands 4-1 France Group C
14th of June 18:00 Innsbruck Sweden 1-2 Spain Group D
14th of June 20:45 Salzburg Greece 0-1 Russia Group D
15th of June 20:45 Basel Switzerland 2-0 Portugal Group A
15th of June 20:45 Geneva Turkey 3-2 Czech Republic Group A
16th of June 20:45 Klagenfurt Poland 0-1 Croatia Group B
16th of June 20:45 Vienna Austria 0-1 Germany Group B
17th of June 20:45 Berne Netherlands 2-0 Romania Group C
17th of June 20:45 Zürich France 0-1 Italy Group C
18th of June 20:45 Salzburg Greece 1-2 Spain Group D
18th of June 20:45 Innsbruck Russia 2-0 Sweden Group D
19th of June 20:45 Basel Portugal 2-3 Germany Quarter Final 1
20th of June 20:45 Vienna Croatia 0-0/1-1/2-4 Turkey Quarter Final 2
21st of June 20:45 Basel Netherlands 1-1/1-3 Russia Quarter Final 3
22nd of June 20:45 Vienna Spain 0-0/0-0/4-2 Italy Quarter Final 4
25th of June 20:45 Basel Germany 3-2 Turkey Semi Final 1
26th of June 20:45 Vienna Russia 0-3 Spain Semi Final 2
29th of June 20:45 Vienna Germany  0-1 Spain Final

EuroVisionary would like to wish all 16 countries and its fans the best of luck. May the best team win!

Source: EuroVisionary, UEFA
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