Uzari and Maimuna win national final in Belarus

After a two hours show in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, we have eventually the fourth song of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. In studio 600 Metres, 15 artists fought for the right and the honour to represent Belarus in the upcoming Eurovision. At the end Uzari and Maimuna won after an exciting voting.

Teo last year’s representative of Belarus opened the show with his entry Cheesake. After that the two hosts Olga Ryzhikova and Denis Dudinskyi explained the procedure of the night and the rules according to which the winner would be determinded tonight. After that followed the live performance of the 15 candidate songs in the following order:

  • Napoli – My dreams
  • Lis – Angel
  • Daria – Love Is My Colour
  • Gunesh – I Believe In Miracle
  • Yana and Muzzart –Tolko Tantsuy
  • Valeria Sadovskaya – Summer Love
  • Rostany – Electric Toys
  • Janette – Supernova
  • Alexey Gross – Stand As One
  • Milki – Accent
  • Uzari and Maimuna –Time
  • Beatris – Fighter
  • Vitaly Voronko – Drive
  • Anastasia Maleshkevich – Don’t Save My Name
  • Tasha Odi –Giving Up On Your Love

After all the participating entries we had the presentation of the seven judges: G. Davydko, E. Zaritski, M. Drabovich, A. Mikheev, S. Andrianov, E. Treshchinskaya and D. Novik; all well known in the Belarusian music industry. The jury had the 7/8 of the finally result and televoting had only 1/8, meaning that each song could get maximum 8 points (1 from the public and 1 from each judge).

The results:

Muzzart were first in the televoting, Milki were second and Uzari with Maimuna were third. After a break with performances from local singers among them Alyona Lanskaya (Belarus 2013), the expert jury gave their results. With the jury Uzari and Maimuna were first (getting the top marks from 3 judges), Anastasia Maleshkevich was second and Gunesh third. The combined voting of public and jury gave the victory to Uzari and Maimuna and their song Time, who celebrated a lot when they realised that they have won.  

The show ended with the duet performing their song once again.

Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Belarus has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since its debut in 2004. The country entered the contest in the same year that the system with the semi-finals began in order to determine the countries that would compete in the final. Belarus managed to qualify for the final four times: 2007, 2010, 2013 and in 2014 with Teo and Cheesecake. The best place they have managed to get up until now was in 2007 with Dmitry Koldun when he reached the 6th place with his song, Work your Magic

In my view

Time was the most appropriate song among the 15 we heard in tonight’s national final to represent the ex sovietic country in the contest. I think that with a nice stage presentation and good vocals it can bring Belarus in the final for a third time in a row.

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