Turkish Composer & Orchestra Chef Buğra Uğur Has Passed Away at the Age of 53

Very famous Turkish musician, composer and orchestra chef, Buğra Uğur, whose songs represented Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest in the 80s, has passed away at the age of 53 due to a  heart attack. Tragically, his latest interview was about the contest, showing the bitter part of it in the 80s.

Buğra Uğur’s career was shining in the early 80s when he made his very first attempts for the contest; his song Gramafon came in third in the 1981 Turkish preselections. Two years later, in 1983, another song written by him, Opera, got the chance of representing Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest. His song, that got one of the worst results with nul points, was performed by Çetin Alp & the Short Waves and Buğra Uğur also conducted the orchestra.

Earlier this month, Buğra Uğur suffered a heart attack during his diving into Agean Sea and he passed away at the age of 53. His funeral was later held in İstanbul by his family and 1978 Turkish representative Nilüfer was amongst the people who attended the funeral.

Tragically, Buğra Uğur’s latest interview, which was made by Michael Kuyucu, was about the Eurovision Song Contest and Buğra Uğur expressed what he experienced at his participation at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981. "A group of Turkish vandals attacked me just before I left İstanbul for the contest and they broke my nose-bone. It wasn’t the worst experience; the worst thing was no-one supported me there…" he added and they remembered that they got one of the worst results for Turkey with nul points that year in the contest.

Below you can watch Buğra Uğur’s song Opera which was performed at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest:

Source: EuroVisionary, CNN
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