Swedish expert panel: Sweden will win and Cyprus come second

The panel of 5 Swedish experts have now been voting on the songs competing in the second semi-final of the 2012 plus the six finalists. According to their taste it will be a battle between Sweden, Cyprus, Estonia, Russia and Spain. 

Over a series of 4 programmes the 5 Swedish experts have been awarding points in the style of 0 to 5 to each of the 42 participating songs. You can read more about the experts in our article about their votes for the songs in the first semi-final.

Here is their points for the second semi-final plus the six automatically qualified finalists: 

Country Lena Måns Gina Lisette Thomas Total: 
Serbia  16 
FYR Macedonia  10 
The Netherlands  10 
Malta  11 
Belarus  12 
Ukraine  16 
Bulgaria  12 
Sweden  25 
Turkey  12 
Estonia  20 
Slovakia  16 
Norway  12 
Bosnia & Herzegovina 
United Kingdom  17 
France  14 
Italy  17 
Azerbaijan  13 
Spain  19 
Germany  17 

Through the series the five experts plus host Christer Björkman also got the chance to play their own Eurovision Song Contest favourites: 

Thomas Lundin
: Finland 1966, Croatia 1998 and finally Germany 1975.  

Lisette Pagler
: Latvia 2000, Sweden 1990 and finally Ireland 1987. 

Gina Dirawi
: Serbia 2007, Russia 2008 and finally Serbia 2010. 

Måns Zelmerlöw
: Sweden 1995, Ukraine 2007 and finally Romania 2006.

Lena Philipsson
: Turkey 1985, The Netherlands 1974 and finally Israel 1979. 

Christer Björkman
: Serbia & Montenegro 2004, France 1977 and finally Greece 2005.
Source: EuroVisionary
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