Still Room For Improvement With Greek Entry

With something of a disappointing first rehearsal for Greece on their first attempt, there was a lot of issues to be addressed during their rehearsals today. With insignificant changes to the Greek number, their chances of qualification are looking slimmer and slimmer by the minute. 

Pretty much the same staging for the second Greek rehearsal of the week, however slight alterations to the backdrop imagery with the blue flame background remaining, with the image of pillars superimposed in a latticework pattern. This image is changed later between the first and second run throughs back to the original one used in the first rehearsal, with that of classical Greek columns. The lighting looks fantastic, both in the arena and on stage, with deep blue as the main colour, pierced with white beams, representing the colours of the Greek flag.

Loucas is looking in good shape, wearing the same outfit as in their first rehearsal, the backing dancers still also in their hip hop wear. Loucas once again delivers an empassioned, rousing performance, filled with gusto and emotion – which unfortunately is not what can be said for Stereo Mike’s rapping – which sounds anything but fluid, and comes across more like 2 songs that make for anything but a good combination in the hall. The rapping parts really do nothing to lift the song as they sound rather flat.

The dance routine is pretty impressive, with energetic acrobatics opening the number combined with more traditional Greek dancing making for a great floor show. Hopefully camerawork will show off the floorwork and breakdancing.

As Loucas comes to a triumphant close, with arms held aloft the large crowd in the hall are ecstatic with the performance of team Greece with multiple shouts of Opa! echoing throughout the hall. 

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