South African singer Colé van dais covers Eurovision songs in Afrikaans and releases album

Covering Eurovision songs in the Afrikaans language is proving very popular.  Now Colé van dais from South Africa has released an album that includes several Eurovision cover versions.

Colé van dais has much experience of singing, performing and presenting in South Africa and abroad.  She has performed at many festivals including South Africa, Namibia and United Kingdom.  She also writes songs in Afrikaans, English and Spanish.

 Colé has just released an album that includes some Eurovision cover songs in the Afrikaans language.  She has covered the Georgia 2008 entry, Peace Will Come, as a duet with Marc Rantselli (this includes lines of Afrikaans, English, Spanish and Zulu languages).  She has also covered Denmark 2007 (Drama Queen), Romania 2009 Balkan Girls.  She has also covered the entries from Iceland 1987 (Hægt og hljótt), Cyprus 1987 (Aspro Mavro) and France 1987 (Les mots d’amour n’ont pas de dimanche).   

Colé has also been busy working on a charity song, We Can Make A Difference

For more information about Colé and how to purchase her music you can visit her official website.

Source: EuroVisionary;
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