Soulful Start to Day 2 from Malta

Chirpy Glen Vella from Malta was the first artist to kick start day 2 – and what a cracking start! He provided us with exactly the wake up call that was needed.

The whole group begin their show with their backs turned to the audience, the stage submerged in darkness. As soon as the first few notes of the song start up, the huge backdrop bursts into life with vibrant images. The background colour alternates between black and white, transmitting images of various prism formations and horizontal stripes rolling over the screen. Perhaps it’s a little picky, but the visual display on the back drop is a tad too busy, distracing attention from the actual performance, and at times is so bright, there’s a real danger that it could induce an epileptic attack!
Three small plinths are at the back of the stage which the backing dancers stand on. The three ladies are dressed from top to toe in black, with black thigh high boots and white retro style sunglasses. Glen is casually dressed in jeans with a black blazer, sneakers and white t-shirt. Glen is also flanked by two dancers, both wearing black t-shirts with One Life Malta emblazoned across their chests.

Vocally faultless, Glen is in suprisingly good voice for so early on in the day! At the very beginning his voice is actually extremely androdgynous. Both he and the backing singers sang as if their lives depended on it. Although the dancers had lively enough routines, possibly too lively at times, Glen stood very still on the first run through, not thawing out completely until the 3rd run through. His rather static performance somehow fails to project the huge amount of positivity which One Life has.

In my view

Malta should be very content with their first rehearsals in the cavernous  Esprit Arena today. It seemed as if all involved really gave their all, and this shone through in both the presentation and sound of One Life.

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