Sibel Tüzün Will Participate in Turkish Survivor – Will She Survive Enough?

Former Turkish representative Sibel Tüzün, who participated in the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, is now taking part in a reality named Survivor in her country. Sibel won’t be the only celebrity name at Survivor Turkey.

The first episode of Survivor broke the TV records in Turkey and then the reality show continued with other episodes including some off-shoots such as Survivor Male – Female, Survivor Turkey – Greece and so on. Lately, the format is based on publicity and celebrity where some celebrity names including singers, football players making a team against a civilian team. After the success of the last episode, the producer of Survivor in Turkey leg, Acun Ilıcalı, decided to stick with the same format.

In this episode, the celebrity team includes well-known names such as former Turkish representative Sibel Tüzün. Sibel told the press telling ‘I was so happy once I received the invitation from Acun, I am excited!’ She continued, ‘It will be different experience for me, so I am happy. I have a short period, such a month to prepare; so I got started with arranging a sport teacher and I will exercise till I go there. I so wonder what is waiting for us there!’

The show will take place in the exotic islands of the Dominique Republic. On the other hand, Nez, who was named for a possible internal choice of TRT for the Eurovision Song Contest in previous years, will participate in the Survivor. The celebrity team also includes the names Doğuş, Almeda Abazi, Merve Büyüksaraç.

Now the Turkish fans wonder how long she will survive. EuroVisionary will let you know the results!

Sibel Tüzün represented Turkey at the final of Eurovision Song contest in 2006 with her song Superstar, receiving 11th placing. Below you can watch her performance:

Source: EuroVisionary, Milliyet, eurovisiondream, wikipedia
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