Result of the running order draw

Today’s running order draw brought some luck to big4 countries like United Kingdom, Spain and Germany who will all perform in the second half of the final. Portugal, Malta and Bosnia & Hezegovina will end the first semi-final while Ukraine, Estonia and Netherlands are the last ones to perform in the second semi-final. See the full result here.

Running order for the first semi-final on 12th of May:

1. Montenegro
2. Czech Republic
3. Belgium
4. Belarus
5. Sweden
6. Armenia
7. Andorra
8. Switzerland
9. Turkey
10. Israel
11. Bulgaria (picked by the country themselves)
12. Iceland
13. FYR Macedonia
14. Romania
15. Finland
16. Portugal (picked by the country themselves)
17. Malta (picked by the country themselves)
18. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Running order for the second semi-final on 14th of May:

1. Croatia
2. Ireland
3. Latvia
4. Serbia
5. Poland
6. Norway
7. Cyprus
8. Slovakia
9. Denmark
10. Slovenia
11. Hungary
12. Azerbaijan
13. Greece
14. Lithuania
15. Moldova
16. Albania
17. Ukraine (picked by the country themselves)
18. Estonia (picked by the country themselves)
19. The Netherlands (picked by the country themselves) 

Running order for the final:

1. Semi-Final qualifier
2. Semi-Final qualifier
3. France
4. Semi-Final qualifier
5. Semi-Final qualifier
6. Semi-Final qualifier
7. Semi-Final qualifier
8. Semi-Final qualifier
9. Semi-Final qualifier
10. Russia
11. Semi-Final qualifier
12. Semi-Final qualifier
13. Semi-Final qualifier
14. Semi-Final qualifier
15. Semi-Final qualifier
16. Semi-Final qualifier
17. Germany
18. Semi-Final qualifier
19. Semi-Final qualifier
20. Semi-Final qualifier
21. Semi-Final qualifier
22. Semi-Final qualifier
23. United Kingdom
24. Semi-Final qualifier
25. Spain (picked by the country themselves)

Voting order for the final:

The 42 countries will be voting in the following order in the final: Spain, Belgium, Belarus, Malta, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden,
Iceland, France, Israel, Russia, Latvia, Montenegro, Andorra, Finland,
Switzerland, Norway, Bulgaria, Lithuania, United Kingdom, FYR
Macedonia, Slovakia, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Turkey,
Albania,Serbia, Cyprus, Poland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Portugal,
Romania, Ireland, Denmark, Moldova, Slovenia, Armenia, Hungary and
finally Azerbaijan.

Source: EuroVisionary
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