Mihai Traistariu Has Released the 10th Album of His Career – Love

After saying "better late than never", here it is, after almost two years since the last album was released, it is time for Mihai Traistariu to finally release the 10th album of his career, Love.

The new album, called Love, contains 18 new songs and already has two videos; Dimmi Si o No (Tell Me Yes or No – in Italian) and Puerto Rico.

His musical style has undergone some changes. The artist Mihai Traistariu has matured, so that new songs are different from what you heard so far in his repertoire. The European sound with some British influences, spiced up with lyrics in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian and English, the club and R&B songs give the album a modern and original shade.

During that time, Mihai did not have patience and always promoted some of the songs from this album, both in his own country and abroad! Songs like Your Love is High (leader of the on-line poll for Eurodance International Contest with 11000 votes –  http://vote.sparklit.com/popup_poll/1081918), Love Is Hard to Understand (a beautiful ballad, the artist playing with a violinist Alexandra Toader), I Love Your Way, Puerto Rico, Dimmi Si o No", Hai in Lumea Mea (the Romanian version of Your Love Is High), are songs that Mihai has always played on TV and in his concerts.

The new album is already in all the stores in the country and any place where there is music!

The album, which will be launched in all 15 countries that Mihai Traistariu has a contract with at this point, has only lyrics of love, and so is called simply Love.

His new single, Your Love Is High is already being played on radio and, is in the top 100 of all Romanian radio stations.

Meanwhile, Mihai has started working on three new albums; a folk music album which is already in progress and will appear in March, a Best Of , which will be launched in January, and new album of Christmas carols, which has already been recorded and has three songs orchestrated by Andrei Tudor, and which will be released in winter 2010!

All together, this makes a total of four albums for eager fans of Mihai Traistariu!

We all wish Mihai good luck with his new album.

Source: Mihai Traistariu
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