Loucas Sings Like a Greek God But Stereo Mike Does Him No Favours

This year’s Greek entry hasn’t figured so highly on the odds lists of various bookmakers compared with previous years – fan response to the number is also quite lukewarm. Hopefully today’s first rehearsal will provide us with some indication as to why.

The atmosphere is set on stage with purple colours and a backdrop consisting of white Greek classical columns superimposed on a background of blue flames with rippling silk curtains at either side. But have Greece come a cropper this year, choosing style over content? Opting for a Michael Jackson "Thriller" leather jacket in black, paired with a white shirt and black pants, Loucas’ choice of outfit was contemporary and stylish, making him look even more dashing, if that was at all possible.

Loucas does his best to lift Watch My Dance and there is certainly no reason why we shouldn’t pay attention to his singing, as he positively pours himself into his performance, oozing pathos and emotion and providing us with a pretty intense experience. The challenge facing the Greek entry is in fact summed up in two words: Stereo Mike. The producer behind the Greek entry should seriously consider the role which the rapper has in the entry, as his so called contribution merely makes a likeable song much, much worse.

The dancers group together in motionless formations while Loucas sings his parts, perhaps with the intention of imitating Greek statues or not taking attention away from his performance, whereas when Stereo Mike performs his parts of the song, the dancers suddenly come to life. One sole dancer joins Loukas at the front of the stage for some fairly strenuous choreography.

In my view

Kudos to Greece for staying true to their national identity and choosing an entry with ample national character, but at what cost? Had Loucas sung alone, the song would at best have been extremely intense, but at present just comes across as a strange hybrid of two songs that just don’t fit together. I’m seriously struggling to see Greece qualify this year which is a great shame as they’ve given us so many great entries in previous years.

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