Lordi releases new album Scare Force One on Halloween

Lordi, the Finnish monster rockers who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, are back with their seventh studio album Scare Force One. In order to celebrate the release of the new album, the band will perform a concert on the 1st of November at The Circus in Helsinki.

Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 with the song Hard Rock Hallelujah and they are the first and only winner from Finland in the history of the competition. Since then, the band has gone through several line-up changes. The original members who are still active with the band are the lead singer, Mr. Lordi, the guitarist Amen and the bassist Ox and, in recent years, they have been joined by Hella (keyboards) and Mana (drums).

Lordi’s new album, Scare Force One, was released on the 31st of October via AFM Records and according to the members of the band this album has lots of experimental surprises that we did not found in their earlier albums. It is not a concept album but the tracks flow from one to another effortlessly and, without a doubt, we will find in this album awesome symphonic structures and a multitude of energetic and epic riffs.

Mr Lordi stated that "the overall sound of the band is more modern, too, and we have tried out some new tricks here and there. The basic Lordi building blocks are still present, so there is no shortage of melodic hooks in the songs. The first single, Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein, is quite representative of where the band is right now".

As usual, the band renews their outfits, facial masks and hairstyles with every album and this time their costumes have been designed and built by the head of the band, Mr. Lordi himself. About that, he said that he "wanted to make the band’s color scheme more unified than it has been and I think it worked out quite nicely". Fans will be able to see the new costumes in action for the first time on the 1st of November at The Circus in Helsinki where the band is going to premiere the album.

Their last two albums were produced in Nashville, Tennessee, by one of the world’s most famous heavy metal producers, Michael Wagener, but this time the band have decided to do it differently and this album has been recorded in Finland with veteran producer Mikko Karmila. About that, Mr. Lordi states: "we wanted to make this record in Finland, with a Finnish producer. We finally managed to get Mikko Karmila to work with us, which is great. He has come up as a potential producer for the band on several previous occasions. We have had no reason to regret this decision and are extremely happy with the album."

The track list of Scare Force One is as follows:

1: SCG7: Arm Your Doors and Cross Check
2: Scare Force One
3: How To Slice A Whore
4: Hell Sent In The Clowns
5: House Of Ghosts
6: Monster Is My Name
7: Cadaver Lover
8: Amen’s Lament To Ra II
9: Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein
10: The United Rocking Dead
11: She’s A Demon
12: Hella’s Kitchen
13: Sir, Mr. Presideath, Sir!

It will also be available an exclusive vinyl edition (five hundred copies worldwide only) and a limited fan box called Hella’s Kitchen which, besides the album itself, contains an apron with all-over-print of the front cover artwork, Hella’s rotten muffin recipe, a 24-pages comic designed by Mr. Lordi himself, a poster and a certificate of authenticity.

Below you will find links to purchase Scare Force One and you can watch the lyric video for the first single of the album Nailed By The Hammer of Frankenstein.

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Source: lordi.fi, afm-records.de, EuroVisionary
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