Listen to the Songs from Armenian National Selection for the Junior Eurovision

Armenia, the host country of last year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, has already selected the fourteen songs to take part in their national selection that will take place on September 30 and, besides knowing the names of the fourteen hopefuls, now we can listen to their songs.

The broadcaster, AMPTV, announced a few days ago who will be the fourteen acts that will do their best to represent their country at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Amsterdam. The national final is set for September 30 starting at 17:30 CET (19:30 local time) and the winner, as usual, will be chosen by a combination of televoting and jury vote.

Below you can see the names of the fourteen entrants and a little biography to know a bit more about them. By clicking on the song title you will be able to listen to each entry.

Flora MkhitaryanOry
She is ten years old and she always starts her day with a song which, depending on her mood, can be a joyful or a mournful song. She says that she loves her entry.

Lusine GhazaryanYerazanqi Tevov
She is eleven years old and she likes singing, dancing and playing the piano. She has participated in a musical which was prized with the Children’s National Award.

Vahagn GrigoryanHome Sweet Home
He is thirteen years old and he likes hiking and horse riding. He is also a lover of travelling and his goal is to know every country in the world. So far, he has visited a total of twenty-one countries.

Tatev YengibaryanIm Rock’y
She is ten years old and her song talks about nature and love and with her sweet voice she expresses perfectly the emotion of her song.

Ninela MkhitaryanIm Ashkhar’y
She is fourteen years old and, besides going to high school, she attends piano lessons. She has taken part in many concerts, festival and music competitions for children and this is her third time applying to represent her home country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Karen OhanyanLove
He is eleven years old and he plays the piano. He loves singing and dancing and he acts at the Hamazgayin State Theatre.

Angelina GasparyanMy Name Is Angel
She is ten years old and she plays the piano and the guitar. Despite her young age she has already recorded eleven songs and four music videos. Her dream is to make children happy with her songs.

Style Knock, Knock
This is a popular Armenian band comprised by four girls and one boy and this year it celebrates its 18th anniversary after many years of success in their home country but also in other international festivals abroad.

Mane AraqelyanYergavazq
She is eleven years old and her musical influences are Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Bruno Mars. Her motivation to participate at this national selection is that teens from all over Europe will listen to her song.

Milly MiskaryanSer’y Tariq Chi Harcnum
She is twelve years old and she is studing piano in the musical specialized school. Since she was three years old, she has participated in several international song competitions for children and she has managed to win most of them thanks to her theatrical appearance on the stage.

Gayane GhazaryanCome
She is twelve years old and she plays the violin. She loves to compose her own songs and then enjoy singing and dancing them.

Sona DounoyanTarber Enq
She is fourteen years old and she admits she has a busy schedule and she spends the whole day running from one place to another. Her motto is "not a step back, not a step on place but always forward".

Compass Sweetie Baby
This band is comprised by five boys and they are about to celebrate their first anniversary together. They play and sing rock music and their influences are no less than Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Beatles. With their song they want every girl to smile when listening to it.

Lidushik Shnorhavor
She is thirteen years old and she started singing when she was three. She plays the piano and the pipes and she also attends dance lessons. She has recorded fifteen songs and four music videos and she has recently released her new album called Poqreri Ashkharh. She has experience in representing her country at international song competitions as she has already represented Armenia at the New Wave junior contest or the Italian Ti Lascio Una Canzone show.

Source:, EuroVisionary
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