Lena on Promotional Trip to Norway

In conjunction with the launch of her album, My Cassette Player, German winner Lena gave a candid interview to Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet. The young pop comet also commented on speculation in the European press, which at times, can best be described as wild and surprisingly creative.

Lena has been back in Oslo to make a guest appearance on the TV show Allsang på Grensen, which is an adaptation of the successful Swedish show Allsång på Skansen, where she performed her mega hit Satellite. The show is extremely popular with the public, so no doubt the appearance gave her some much welcomed publicity. Her album is currently subject to a heavy advertising campaign on Norwegian TV, and her winning song, presently nestled at number 5 in the charts, has been in the Norwegian top 10 since she won the contest back in may.

In stark contrast to Alexander Rybak’s many spontaneous and sometimes flippant interviews with the media, Lena seems so far to have kept her feet firmly on the ground, taking all kinds of rumours and speculation firmly in her stride. When Alexander was supposed to present Lena with the trophy upon her victory this year, he unintentionally stole a kiss from young Lena, which led to quite a lot of publicity in the Norwegian press. Lena played the whole event down, saying that "I didn’t find it at all embarrassing. Alexander Rybak is charming as well as courteous". She went to kiss him on the cheek at which point he turned his head and she ended up planting a smacker on his lips instead! "Yeah, he ended up with my lipstick on his mouth, so I had to tell him to rub it off" she quipped. Some journalists concocted stories of a fling between Lena and Alexander, which she was quick to deny "Those kind of stories don’t really get to me, I know they’re not true", she says.

The songstress was also asked about her plans for next year’s participation to defend her title. "I’ve got no clear strategy yet; I don’t have a song or any choreography or anything like that", she laughed. She does however go on to say that one of the main incentives for next year’s participation was to enjoy the experience of the contest on home ground, and to see how Germany will carry off the organisation of the event. During the interview, she also reveals her intention to participate with one of her own compositions next year:"We’ll see how that turns out; it’s not that far off, so I don’t think my musical style will have undergone any drastic change in direction", she states. "But you never know", she continues, "What I can however promise you, is that my entry won’t be a heavy metal song!" 


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Source: Dagbladet, EuroVisionary
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