Kikki back with brand new style

Kikki Danielsson has for many years been the undisputed queen of dansband music in Sweden. She has also figured heavily in the tabloids as her private struggle against alcoholism has been made public. Her life took a turn for the better however following a chance encounter with rock musician Sören Karlsson.

Kikki and Sören met in 2009 during the recording of a TV show Så Ska Det Låta. Kikki had by then grown tired of the life she led and the style she had become assosciated with. All that changed after their chance meeting. "I’d grown tired of myself, and didn’t just want to sing Bra Vibrationer" she says. Sören asked if she needed some new material.

Tonight, Kikki takes to the stage at rock venue Debaser to promote her new album Första Dagen på Resten av Mitt Liv (The First Day of the Rest of My Life), her first studio album to be released in 18 years. Sören is the front figure and songwriter for the bands The Bitter Twins and The Diamond Dogs, 2 rock groups in Sweden.He has also written and composed much of the material on Kikki’s new album, so maybe we should expect a much harder sound. Kikki has also contributed with lyrics to the new material, claiming that the newest album is her most personal yet.

When asked as to what kind of response she’s experienced from her fans, she replies: "I’ve only received positive reactions from my audience. I’ve started to attract a younger fanbase, and it seems as though people respect me in a completely different way now. I received tons of marriage proposals after some newspaper had printed that I was single and on the lookout for a man!" Her newest release was recorded mainly in Stockholm with Sören Karlsson at the helm of the project. "With previous projects, it was always somebody else who made the decisions" Kikki tells "Bert Karlsson was the one who called all the shots, and you could practically take any song you liked, just to get the album filled and finished in time. I just grew tired of doing the same thing. It was as if I’d become stuck to the spot while everybody else just overtook me."

Stay tuned for further details surrounding her newest album and be sure that Eurovisionary will post a review as soon as it is released.

Source:, EuroVisionary
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