Karoline Krüger treads the boards once more

Eager to emulate her success with the music for the play Veggen (The Wall) , which was nominated for and also won the prestigious Nopa prize in Norway, former entrant Karoline Krüger is ready to tread the boards once more in the newest play by Tore Vagn Lid entitled Straff (Punishment).

Fresh faced Karoline Krüger made a lasting impression on many with her tender, enviromentally themed ballad For Vår Jord, which she achieved a 5th placing for Norway with at the tender age of 18 in Dublin in 1988. Fast forward twenty four years and Krüger is still going strong, although these days she is mostly known for composing music rather than performing.

Her career has taken quite a marked change of direction and sound since her debut Fasetter appeared following her victory in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final in 1988. Her last album De To Stemmer (The Two Voices) came out in 2004, and since then, her name has been assosciated with a number of cultural projects, most notably the play Veggen from 2011, to which she composed the music.  Her music earned her both a Hedda award and a Nopa prize and was eventually given a CD release. Krüger is sticking to what she knows best and so her next project, the play Straff (Punishment), sees her take to the stage once more.

Known for being quite unconventional, Krüger’s newest performance deals with the theme of punishment – what exactly is punishment, how does it work? Where did the concept of prison as a form of punishment originate and is society without a state of punishment feasible? Not exactly your middle of the road piece of light entertainment in other words, but the performance will no doubt raise interesting issues will gon on to be equally successful as her last piece, Veggen. Krüger will perform alongside Tor Christian F. Bleikli and Arild Vestre, both up and comingnames within the world of Norwegian theatre.

Straff is a production by Hordaland Teater and will be premiered on the 20th of September, followed by an additional three performances;  one more on the 20th and two on the 21st of September.

Source: karolinekruger.no / Eurovisionary.com
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