Kalomira doesn’t rule out another attempt for Greece

Even though it’s already 3 years ago since young greek-american singer Kalomira repsresented Greece, coming third with Secret Combination, she still remains a firm favourite among Eurovision fans. It’s been pretty quiet around the singer of late, so she brought the public up to speed on what’s been going on in terms of life, love and her career.

The ambitious young singer got married mere months ago and life still appears to be like a bed of roses for the happy couple. She spoke of her wish to have children, hopefully becoming a mother within the next year, and how happy she is to have found George, who she apparently has known for many years and who makes her life complete.

Kalomira only recently returned to Greece after spending 8 months in the USA, furthering her education, as well as doing the odd stint on american TV where she appeared as a judge on the popular TV show Dancing With The Stars 2. She admits that at times she missed Greece terribly, not only because of the fantastic weather, but also because of those she loves as well as her fans. Fortunately, internet made things a lot easier to communicate with those back home. When asked about why she hasn’t tried harder for a breakthrough in the USA, the contemplative young lady merely replies that : "When I go to America, no one knows me if I don’t want them to. I would be ungrateful if I asked for more. What is the difference, though? From ten fans, you’ll have ten million. It might make a difference at concerts, but in my soul, inside of me, there is none. This is what I have and it’s enough."

Kalomira was also asked about Eurovision and whether or not she would give it another go. She spoke of having seen this year’s concert, and how impressed she was by Loukas Giorkas this year, given that the standard of the contest had musically gotten much more difficult. When asked on her thoughts about participating again for Greece, she replied: "I don’t think so. Only if I had a song that had excited me to the limit and I was sure that it was my song." In other words, another appearance by the down to earth singer can’t be ruled out entirely then. In the meantime, she’s keeping busy with her latest single, This Is The Time, released back in june as well as ongoing work with her latest album due for release some time later this year.

Source: Kalomira.com, EuroVisionary
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