Junior Eurovision split result published: Italy won the jury and Bulgaria won the public

After more than two months EBU revealed the split voting of jury and public at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The actual winner Italy won the jury and was third in the public. Bulgaria who won the public vote was fourth with the juries. 

For the first time in Eurovision history a song that wins the competition is not first in the televoting. This brings back the issue why invite people to pay for voting for their favourites and afterwards tell them that only few people changed the public vote and the winner. This happened for the first time in Eurovision history in this year’s Junior Eurovision. The detailed results revealed yesterday by EBU showing a large victory for Bulgaria in televoting with 143 points and a third place for Italy with only 100 point. The jury had Italy as winner with 143 points leaving Armenia in the second place with 114 and Malta third with 113.

The results of jury voting were as follows

Italy                   143

Armenia              114

Malta                   113

Bulgaria                86

Cyprus                  73

Russia                   72

Serbia                    65

Belarus                  62

The Netherlands     44

Georgia                  44

Sweden                  39

Ukraine                   24

Montenegro             21 

Slovenia                  14

San Marino              11

Croatia                     3 


Bulgaria                  143

Armenia                 124

Italy                       100

Ukraine                  100

Russia                     89

The Netherlands      69

Malta                       64

Belarus                    58

Cyprus                     42

Georgia                    41

Slovenia                   39

Serbia                      34

San Marino               11

Montenegro              10

Sweden                     3

Croatia                      1

Slovenia and San Marino didn’t use televoting in their results cause they didn’t have enough votes to cast. The jury results counted for the full results in these two countries. A lot of disscussion has begun among the fans on social media about the involvement of the juries in the final results. Some people supports that 100% televoting is more fair than the current voting system. On the other side the jury protects the contest more from diaspora voting. A solution could be that televoting results prevail in case of a difference with the jury when this happens in the first place.

You can see the detailed voting results here

Source: EuroVisionary, junioreurovision.tv
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