Jedward splits – John marry Amy Childs in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house

As the days goes by in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house the housemates are showing more sides of themselves – including the two Jedward brothers who have given us flat hair, themselves in bed with Amy Childs not to mention John’s wedding with her the day after he gave her a wedgie!

If you wake up one morning finding that food and cutlery have been seriously misplaced in your kitchen, and you know that Jedward is in your house, will you automatically assume that it was them doing it? That happend in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house when Lucien and Robert was a bit bored when going to bed as the last ones. The next morning everyone assumed Jedward to responsible.

Can Jedward with flat hair be James Bond

What Jedward did do however was to use the entire bottle of Sally’s Shampoo. That made her conclude: On Planet Jedward nothing matters, apart from their hair. Their hair has gotten in focus again as now that we are use to seeing them with their particular upwright standing hair they suddenly walk around with flat hair. In particular Amy Childs gets wild over it as she keeps talking about how much they look like models now.

It is also Amy who they ask if she wants to be their bond girl, a question to which she agrees. That conversation took place as the "clean team" as they have called themselves do the dishes and she helps out.

Jedward in a sandwich with Amy Childs:

One night Amy feels a bit lonely and asks for company in bed. John crawls into her bed for a bit of cuddling and soon after his brother Edward follows. They lay on either side with Amy in between them. This nightly escapade do however not last long as John gets up concluding that his pants are all wet from it!  

Who can tell them apart:

It is not the easiest thing to tell who is who of the two Jedward brothers, but as they do a little performance in the bathroom of Who let the dogs out? the others do try and ends up concluding that one of them is a bit thinner than the other one who then has an arse!

When the housemates are being asked to tell them apart on a picture Tara Reid takes command and insist on knowing 100% who is who – after some discussing the others go along with following her – and she was right. 

No matter if their housemates can tell them apart or not they were however quite liked in the house. Apart from Sally’s shampoo outburst the most negative we had heard from any of their housemates came from Darryn when he said: They are not normal, but who of us are?

Jedward to drive everyone made on one single day:

The two twin brothers were indeed quite liked, but that all changed from one day to another. The day started out with them making a cucumber fashial mask, after which they forgot to clean up in the already quite dirty kitchen. Mother Sally has had enough and calls for a housemeeting to set some cleaning rules. Lately the clean team has been more occupied with building sand castles than cleaning and as not many others did anything either it all becomes too much. Jedward doesn’t say anything during the meeting, but afterwards they are mugging Sally in the diary room by finger talking. There new motto is: "Who cares if it gets too dirty, that just means there is something to clean up". Afterwards they take some food out of the fridge and delibrately thrown in on the floor while no one is watching.

Later that day they decide to arrange a show for the others; The Jedward Show. They want to entertain their housemates by interviewing Tara Reid, but as it is in the middle of a day and the sun is shining the others are not really in the mood for it. John reacts by giving Amy a wedgie and the house goes baserk. It ends up with only Lucien and Robert watching the show while the rest are outside being mad. They demand that John appoligises to Amy and say that these boys simply must learn that they can’t just treat a woman like that. Sally sort of defend them by saying that they just didn’t engage their brain, but thats just how they are.

Later Amy forgives John, but she tells him that none of the other women would have done so.

Jedward have to split up:

Big Brother gave them the task to split up and become John and Edward. For a period of time they were not allowed to be less than 5 meters from each other. If they fail they will get punished with elektrochocks in the arse. John is dressed in a pink jumpsuit, Edward a purple one – both equipped to give them the chocks. And they do get it, but only because they soon start running around chasing each other!

They react with happiness and joy once the task is over and Jedward officially can come back.    

John and Amy’s wedding:

John, who the previous day gave Amy a wedgie, decides to get "married" to her in the Big Brother house. Darryn is the ringberrier, Paddy is the dad who walks Amy down the isle and Pamela the priest who conducts the wedding.

After the ceremony Pamela asks the grom to kiss his bride. The housemates are chearing, Amy puts up a fishing mouth, but John finally gives in and kiss her. 

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