James Blunt and Anna Vissi together on stage!

A huge surprise awaited the fans who showed up for James Blunt’s concert in Limassol, the host city of JESC 2008. Anna Vissi who has represented both Cyprus and Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest joined him on stage. Speculations about a future collaboration has started.

James Blunt first got to know Anna Vissi during the movie festival in Cannes, which they both happened to attend. According to well informed sources, James already knew that Anna was one of the biggest names in the Greek music industry, and he was thrilled to meet her.

James was supposed to give two concerts in Athens some time later in the year, so the two artists arranged to meet again in Athens for dinner. Unfortunately for the fans, the two concerts never took place but the meeting between Anna and James did take place!

They met around 23:30 the night before James was supposed to fly to Cyprus for another concert. Sources say that he liked the place and Anna’s company so much, he went straight to the airport from the restaurant as he had stayed at the restaurant until the early hours. He had requested that his things be transferred to the airpost from the hotel.

The big surpise came the next day, during his concert in Limassol, Anna joined him on stage and they sang together "1973".

Of course after this, rumours sprang up for the possibility of a future collaboration between the two artists.

In my view

This was indeed a very nice treat for Cypriot fans of both artists. I hope, if rumours are true, that a future collaboration between the two will give us some great music, and why not a future wining song for ESC!!!

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Source: sigmalive
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