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James Blunt and Anna Vissi together on stage!

A huge surprise awaited the fans who showed up for James Blunt’s concert in Limassol, the host city of JESC 2008. Anna Vissi who has represented both Cyprus and Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest joined him on stage. Speculations about a future collaboration has started. James Blunt first got to know Anna Vissi during… Read more

Rebeka Dremelj takes the Slovene golden ticket

The night of the Slovene final was truly a night to remember.  A very "tight" battle between Rebeka Dremelj and Skupina Langa ended with Rebeka winning the "ticket" to Belgrade. And it was truly a "tough" battle as only 395 votes separated Rebeka Dremelj with her song "Vrag naj vzame" from second placed Skupina Langaand and… Read more

A ‘femme fatale’ from Cyprus!

Cyprus felt the cold shoulder of the Eurovision audience in 2007. Many feel Evridiki deserved a better placing. Now Evdokia is putting her song and herself forward for the Mediterranean nation, can she succeed where Evridiki failed or is this another risky choice from Cyprus? Evdokia Kadi, the Cypriot representative to the 2008 Eurovision song contest, was… Read more