Rebeka Dremelj takes the Slovene golden ticket

The night of the Slovene final was truly a night to remember.  A very "tight" battle between Rebeka Dremelj and Skupina Langa ended with Rebeka winning the "ticket" to Belgrade.

And it was truly a "tough" battle as only 395 votes separated Rebeka Dremelj with her song "Vrag naj vzame" from second placed Skupina Langaand and the song "Za zvobodo divjega srca".

The slovene final included two semifinals this year.  Ten song were chosen for the big final, five from both of the semifinals.  At the final ,a first round of televoting chose the top 2 songs and then a second round of televoting decided the winner.

Slovenia will compete in the semifinal held on the 20th of May in Belgrade.  If Rebeka manages to capture the European audience with her voice and beauty and manages to qualify, then we will see her again at the final on the 24th of May.

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