Irish media focus on the Turkey!

Every year either RTE give the Irish media something to complain about the Irish final or the Irish media find something to complain about.  But are they making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Debate still rages in Ireland about the decision to allow Dustin the Turkey’s entry to the Eurosong 2008 final.  The thing that may, or may not, surprise many of you, is the fact that popular opinion seems to favour Dustin’s participation in the competition.  The Eurovision Song Contest has reached such a low level of respect in Ireland.  The majority of people see it as little else than a over-sized, three hour, novelty show.  This is leading many people in Ireland to think that they should send nothing more than a joke song, and Dustin will fit that bill perfectly.

Fellow competitor and former Eurovision artist, Marc Roberts, has told RTE news that he is sure that the Irish public will vote a song through that they will feel proud of and think will do best for them at the Eurovision.  On the other side Frank McNamara, former Eurovision musical director, has slated RTE for letting the entry into the final, and sees no way that Dustin won’t win the national final.

Whatever way the Irish final goes, many people in Ireland already feel that its a foregone conclusion, and with odds on Dustin winning at 4/6, I think we can agree that the bookies agree too. 

In my view

It’s nearly certain that the Turkey will win it. It would take an awesome song from one of the other five artists to take the victory from the beak of Dustin.  If Dustin’s song is as catchy as Ukraine’s song from last year then I would see him as the best choice, however I would like to see Ireland win the contest with an excellent ballad.

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