A Friend in London tours in Denmark

The Danes didn’t really know A Friend In London when they voted for them to represent their country in Düsseldorf. The band have mainly had their career in Canada, but this summer they are touring in homecountry Denmark before an album will be released.

A Friend In London scored a fifth position at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with the song New Tomorrow securing their country a top5 for the second year in a row. Up until winning the Danish final, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, this year the band had mainly been touring in Canada while performing in several TV shows over there as well, but now it is time for the Danish population to get to know them. An album is on the way, but their Denmark tour have already started.

So far A Friend In London can be seen and heard here:

Date:  Venue:  City: 
1/6 – 2011  Herning Centret  Herning 
3/6 – 2011  Torvet  Ringkøbing 
4/6 – 2011  Midtfyns Festival  Ringe 
5/6 – 2011  Boesdal Kalkbrud  Rødvid Stevns 
18/6 – 2011  Friluftsscenen v. Korshøj Hallen   Harridslev 
23/6 – 2011  Østre Havn  Aalborg 
25/6 – 2011  Give Open Air  Give 
16/7 – 2011  Radio ABC Beach Party  Grenå 
6/8 – 2011  Torvet, Nykøbing Falster Festuge  Nykøbing Falster 
26/8 – 2011  Fredericia Teater  Fredericia 
1/9 – 2011  Køge Byfest På Torvet  Køge 

Information on how to buy tickets can be found on their website

Below you can see an interview we did with A Friend In London in Düsseldorf which also features the premiere of one of their new songs. 

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