Former Azeri Eurovision national selection artists take part in special concerts in Azerbaijan

A special series of concerts were recently held in Azerbaijan for the Bridge Of Friendship.  They featured two former Azeri Eurovision national selection artists in Aynishan Quliyeva and Adil Baxishli as well as a host of other singers including Aynishan’s mother, Aybeniz Hashimova, and Tahmina Niyazova from Tajikistan.

Aynishan Quliyeva was a finalist in the 2011 Azerbaijan Eurovision national selection, where she narrowly missed out on representing her country to Ell & Nikki.  In her particular semi-final she received over 25,000 votes, 10,000 more than her nearest challenger.  Aynishan is a massive star in her homeland and is expected to make a challenge in the future to participate at Eurovision.

Aynishan is the daughter of Aybeniz Hashimova who is a legendary singer in Azerbaijan.  Amongst her awards is the Honored Artist of Azerbaijan. She is a highly rated and respected artist in her homeland.

Adil Baxishli was a competitor at the 2012 Azeri Eurovision national selection. He was finalist that year and during the selection he covered songs such as Show Me Your Love by Tina Karol (ESC Ukraine 2006) and the evergreen standard Unchained Melody covered by many acts such as the Righteous Brothers and Robson & Jerome.

Tahmina Niyazova is star from Tajikistan and she has successfully competed in many festivals around the world including the Suncane Skale festival in Montenegro in 2012 where she performed her song, Boom Boom Boom.  She is planning to try herself for Eurovision in the future for Tajikistan, Azerbaijan or Russia. 

The Bridge Of Friendship concert is a charity event with sponsorship and organisational support of 12 May and the public association of Eurasian Institute of International Studies. The acts also visited other parts of Azerbaijan and included a visit with the army.  Other acts taking part included Alisher Karimov from Kazahkstan and Emila Morales from Cuba.

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