Eurovision Song Contest final nominated for the German TV award

The final show of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf is nominated for the German TV award 2011. Already after the final there was a lot of praise for the well-organized TV show. The Eurovision final will compete for the award in the category "Best entertainment".

After 1957 and 1983 the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Germany for the third time. Right after the final which was held on May 14th 2011 there has been a lot of praise about the organization of the show in the German press. The nomination for the TV award is now the highlight.

Especially NDR-director Lutz Marmor is enthusiastic about the nomination. He said it was an excellent show which has also internationally been very popular.

The awards show will be held in Cologne on October 2nd, 2011. If the jury votes for the Eurovision Song Contest, the following people will receive an award:

Stefan Raab, Anke Enkelke and Judith Rakers as the three presenters of the show, Thomas Schreiber (NDR) as the chief of this year’s Eurovision final, Jörg Grabosch (employee of the production company Brainpool TV), Florian Wieder (stage designer) as well as Jerry Appelt (designer of the lights).

The German TV award was broadcasted in 1999 for the first time to honour excellent productions. It is a cooperation of the two German public TV channels ARD and ZDF together with the two biggest private TV channels RTL and SAT1.

In 2011 it is the second time that the Eurovision Song Contest is involved in a TV award show. Earlier this year the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix won a TV award as the "Best TV event of the year" in Denmark.

Source:, EuroVisionary
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