Eurovision 2014 day 1 – Estonia’s first rehearsal

Tanja was the third act up today with her highly choreographed entry Amazing. She wowed both the audience and viewers alike in the Eesti Laul final, but would she manage to keep her cool and be as equally impressive both visually and vocally today?

Tanja takes to the stage wearing a skimpy, white flowing dress quite similar to her outfit worn in the national final. She is joined on stage by a muscular male dancer to help with her routine. The backdrop has a simplistic appearance, starting with what looks like a block wood floor appearance before transforming into columns of light bulbs set against the black backdrop. Rays of pale blue light swirl around, shining down onto the duo, contrasting against the wood block effect stage floor. The background changes to huge yellow lights towards the end of the number.
The stage presentation of Amazing has remained unchanged since the performance in the national final. They begin by holding hands as Tanja sings the first few lines. There are some impressive, almost breathtaking dance moves, as she is thrown around by her male dancer, spun around and raised into the air seemingly effortlessly. The two come together after the first chorus, pulling moves that look like they’re reflecting each other in a mirror or with a sheet of glass between them. In the second run through she seemed to be rather disorientated with the moves mid song, although visually the whole package still comes across as very polished and striking.
Vocally, Tanja gave a very routined performance, leaving us still baffled as to how she can remain in tune with such a strenuous and physically demanding routine. Her first set of vocals was spot on, her second one sounded quite strained and screechy in places, and in the third run through, the final drawn out note was quite shaky. On the whole however, this was an impressive first rehearsal for Estonia and could very well see them rise up as one of the dark horses of the contest.
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