Eurovision 2013 day 6 – Malta’s second rehearsal

Gianluca had no surprises hidden in his sleeve. Malta’s second rehearsal was a reprise of the first one two days ago.

Gianluca is not alone on stage – he is accompanied by two female backing singers and three guys. They play the ukulele, guitar and drum. It is a classic band performance with a happy feeling and nothing has been changed since the first time Malta rehearsed on stage. The outfit Gianluca is wearing is no surprise either. Just as he did in the first rehearsal, he wears a white shirt, a dark waistcoat and a pair of brown trousers. 

Towards the end of the song, Gianluca
walks up the catwalk, as many of this year’s participants do. When he walks back again the other five people on stage is sitting on a park
bench, like they do in some of the scenes from the official preview

The main colour of the backdrop is yellow and it features the words to the song, if you want to sing along.

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