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Interviews from Blue Carpet

Our reporters Pedro and Jens Erik went to the Blue Carpet at the official opening of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. They talked to many of this year’s contestants and the four presenters of Eurovision: Sílvia Alberto, Daniela Ruah, Catarina Furtado and Filomena Cautel. Watch the interviews below. Read more

The Georgian Warrior Nina Sublatti

The first of this year’s two “Warrior” songs was rehearsing tuesday, and afterwards the Georgian singer, Nina Sublatti, told us what her “Warrior” is about. And according to her, it tells the story of feminism and the strength in women. You can also hear what she wants to show us, if we are going to… Read more

Dress designed especially for Elhaida Dani

In this interview the girl from Albania, Elhaida Dani, tells the story behind her dress for the semi final – and hopefully for the final as well. And the same designer has actually made several of the dresses Elhaida is going to wear in Vienna during the two Eurovision weeks. And of course Elhaida tells… Read more

Hungarian Boggie felt comfortable on stage

Boggies first rehearsal in Wiener Stadthalle went pretty well, according to herself. She felt really comfortable on stage, she’s satisfied with her singers, and she likes the background image. In this interview she also reveals her darkest secret… Read more

Uzari & Maimuna sing “Time” just for you

Uzari & Maimuna from Belarus are very satisfied with their rehearsal on stage, all though a few mistakes have to be corrected. But they are still very happy and if you like the Belarusian entry, you must see this interview – just for you they sing a little bit of their song “Time”. Read more

Simon Mathew stars in Eurovision Musical

Back in 2008 he represented Denmark at Eurovision in Belgrade, in 2015 Simon Mathew stars in the musical “Ein Bisschen Frieden” – a musical that features more than thirty eurovision songs. A brand new Eurovision musical premiered at Aalborg Teater, Denmark, 1st of May 2015. The director, Minna Johannesson, has chosen nearly forty Eurovision songs,… Read more

Eurovision 2013: 2nd dress rehearsal of the 2nd semi-final

Where the first dress rehearsal this afternoon could be consider a warm up, more were on stake in the second one this evening. Though the actual semi-final isn’t before tomorrow evening, half of the result would be decided based on this dress rehearsal where the juries were voting. To give you a perspective EuroVisionary will… Read more

Nordic Night at Glasklart

The night club Glasklart was Saturday night the place to be. Nordic Night featured all five Nordic acts and a lot of artists from other countries were present as well.  Not many footsteps were taking before the invited press met one of the Nordic hostesses. The Finnish bride, Krista Siegfrids, stood in the door to… Read more

Eurovision 2013 day 6 – Greece’s second rehearsal

The second Greek rehearsal went well and the audience in the arena will be dancing all night long during this song.   After the Icelandic ballad the second semi final continues with the Greek entry. Although it is called "Alcohol Is Free", the message of the song is not to drink a lot. Actually it… Read more

Eurovision 2013 day 6 – Malta’s second rehearsal

Gianluca had no surprises hidden in his sleeve. Malta’s second rehearsal was a reprise of the first one two days ago. Gianluca is not alone on stage – he is accompanied by two female backing singers and three guys. They play the ukulele, guitar and drum. It is a classic band performance with a happy… Read more

Eurovision 2013 day 6: Latvia’s second rehearsal

Latvia opens the second semi final with a great party. PeR is setting Malmö Arena on fire The Latvian artists call themselves PeR. It stands for "Please Explain the Rhythm". The name, however, may not be the right one as they have plenty of rhythm. It is a very high energetic performance and will for… Read more

Eurovision 2013 day 5: Belgium’s second rehearsal

Roberto Bellarosa was on stage this evening to rehearse his entry. Not much has been changed since his rehearsal earlier this week. Roberto Bellarosa is still standing in the center of the stage accompanied by two dancers and a backing choir. Although some might believe that Roberto should get rid of the microphone stand and… Read more

ABBA museum opens in Stockholm

Malmö might be the capital of the Eurovision Song Contest these days, but not everything happens there. In Stockholm the ABBA Museum opened the 7th of May. A lot of efforts have been made in order to make the exhibition a special experience for the visitors.  It is almost forty years since the rose to… Read more

French improvement

The French song in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is Echo (You and I), and today Anggun had her second rehearsal at Crystal Hall in Baku. Yesterday France had their first rehearsal, and today they came back to rehearse once more. Just one day between the rehearsals, but a lot of improvement has been made.… Read more

Watch out – Italy’s back

After fourteen years of absence Italy returned to the Eurovision Song Contest last year. They took second place and this year they are back for more. Will 2012 be an Italian success? This Saturday the Italian team had their first rehearsal on stage in Crystal Hall in Baku. And for a first rehearsal it went… Read more