Eirikur Hauksson tour schedule

Having participated three times in the Eurovision Song Contest doesn’t stop Eirikur’s career as a rock singer. All through the summer he will as such be performing in Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary and of course Norway where he lives.

The list of concerts shows that Eirikur will twice be performing solo and the rest a good mix between the two bands he sings with; Magic Pie and Hensley’s Live Fire Band.

Eirikur Hauksson participated three times in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1986 in home country Iceland’s first participation, in 1991 for Norway and again in 2007 for Iceland with the song Valentine Lost that however didn’t manage to qualify for the final. He is also known for being the Icelandic spokesperson in the Nordic preview shows that was cancelled for 2008, but otherwise was a great tradition in the five Nordic countries.

The full summer schedule as it is known now:

Date Band Arrangement Place
7th of June Live Fire Sweden Rock Festival Sölvesborg, Sweden
8th of June Live Fire Southern Fire Festiva London, United Kingdom
14th of June Live Fire Stange-festivalen Stange, Norway
20th of June Eirikur TBA Norway
5th of July Live Fire International Gastroblues Festival Paks, Hungary
11th of July Live Fire Calw Rockt Calw, Germany
8th of August Live Fire Gressvik Summer Party Calw, Germany
9th of August Live Fire Gressvik Summer Party Calw, Germany
16th of August Eirikur Bedemarten Borgenhaugen, Norway
23rd of August Magic Pie Symforce II Tilburg, the Netherlands
5th of September Magic Pie Riga Music Bar Essex, United Kingdom
6th of September Magic Pie Herringthope Leisure Centre Leisure Centre Rotherham, UK
18th of October Magic Pie Amatøren Oslo, Norway
Source: Eirikur.info
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