De Toppers after Moscow: Gerard Joling to replace Gordon?

The Dutch soap opera about De Toppers, who represented the Netherlands at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, continues. Gerard Joling left the extravagant trio, got replaced by Jeroen van der Boom and now rumours indicate that he might be coming back – to replace Gordon who was the reason he left in the first place!

Over the years Gordon and Gerard Joling have had a love/hate relationship with many fights. It therefore didn’t come as a big surprise when Joling, shortly after De Toppers were internally selected by the broadcaster, announced that he left the trio also consisting of Gordon and René Froger. With a national selection coming up, where the TV viewers would choose among six songs, the soap opera reached the Eurovision Song Contest fans. Would Gerard be replaced by someone else – or would the broadcaster at the last moment select another artist? The first thing turned out to be case when both Gordon and René Froger pointed at Jeroen van der Boom as a new member of the trio. When he accepted – and the broadcaster confirmed they were satisfied – things settled down.

The Toppers, as they called themselves for the international Contest, entertained in Moscow with outstanding press conferences and a glamour party to go down in history, but didn’t manage to catch more than a smile from the TV viewers around Europe, who didn’t award them with a place in the Eurovision Song Contest final. The trio went back for big concerts in the Netherlands and Gerard Joling was focused on his solo career. Dutch newspaper AD however, now report that he might return to De Toppers – to replace Gordon!

The rumours come after Gordon recently left his – and De Toppers’ – booking agent.  He confirms this action by saying that it is time to try something else, but does not wish to confirm or deny speculations about René Froger and Jeroen van der Boom simply trying to kick him out. They are reportedly interested in replacing Gordon with Gerard Joling. To AD Joling confirms that he has heard about it and says: I wouldn’t just say no, I am very busy – but De Toppers have brought be a lot. He however also adds that too much has happened between Gordon and him by now and it is out of the question that he would ever work together with him.

As always with De Toppers, we never know what is going to happen next. Is this break between Gordon and Gerard Joling going to last, is Gordon suddenly out or could it perhaps even be time for a big farewell tour for the popular trio? Time will tell…

Source: AD, EuroVisionary,
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