Bulgaria – Results of ‘Be a Star’ 5th Heat

Yesterday, BNT broadcast the fifth heat in the ‘Be a Star’ series to find Bulgaria’s representative for Moscow.

Five songs competed for qualification to the next stage of the competition, the second quarter final, which will be held on Thursday 20th November. As in the previous four heats, one song was chosen by a jury and two were chosen by a public televote.

The songs and performers were as follows:

Plamen Penev – Dalechen Svyat
Zheni Karavacheva – Dumi
Bobi Koker, Bleki & Sunnie – Tozi Pat
Emilya Valenti – S Teb
Hari ot Balgaria – Bez Dumi

After the votes had been counted, the qualifiers were known

1st – Emilya Valenti – S Teb – 32.94%
2nd – Bobi Koker, Bleki & Sunnie – Tozi Pat – 23.01%
3rd – Plamen Penev – Dalechen Svyat  – 20.99%
4th – Hari ot Balgaria – Bez Dumi – 11.66%
5th – Zheni Karavacheva – Dumi – 10.56 %

Emilya Valenti was the choice of the jury, so Bob Koker, Bleki & Sunnie and Plamen Penev became the choice of the Bulgarian public.

Source: BNT, esctoday, EuroVisionary
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