Bulgaria – Ninth Heat Results

Yesterday, Bulgarian broadcaster, BNT, hosted the ninth and final heat in the ‘Be a Star’ series to find their representative in Moscow.

Five more songs battled it out to win the votes of the public and the jury. The public vote decided to of the places available in the last quarter final, while the jury selected song to fill the third available place.

1 – [email protected] – We
2 – Stefan Ilchev – Get Up
3 – Petya Hristova – Sacred Journey
4 – Zona – Senki
5 – Martin Aleksandrov – Mi Fai Male

After the usual plethora of interval acts, the results were announced.

1st –  Stefan Ilchev – 37.12%
2nd – Zona – 32.70%
3rd –  [email protected] – 15.09%
4th – Martin Aleksandrov – 11.32%
5th – Petya Hristova – 3.77%

Stefan Ilchev and Zona qualify as the publics choice and [email protected] got the jury’s vote and will compete in the third quarter final next Thursday.



Source: esctoday.com, Eurovisionary.com
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