Be A Star: The finalists Are…

Last night, the Bulgarian Be a Star series’ semifinal leg was held with eighteen powerful songs. Nine of them have qualified for the grand final, which will be held on 21st February.

The semifinal series of Be a Star was hosted by Neli Atanasova and Drago Draganov on BNT. The show brought the fans a magnificient music show with traditional elements. The jury members, who are music experts, have announced the nine acts qualifiying for the grand final. As previously announced on EuroVisionary, three acts had already qualified for the grand final with their wildcards before the semifnal was held:

# Mariana Popova – Crazy
# Poli Genova – One Lifetime Is Not Enough
# Grafa – Vrag 

The songs were performed in the following order in the semifinal:

1. I Velina – Ready For Love
2. Moto – Razstoyaniya
3. Deyan Dzhenkov – Imam Tvoeto Ime
4. Gergana Dimova – Yasno Slantse
5. Stefan Dobrev – Everlasting Love
6. Prima Vista – Let’s Spread Love
7. Erilien & Najam Sheraz – Don’t Break My Heart
8. Iskra & Misha Iliev – Dokosni me
9. Sahara – Don’t Kiss For Money
10. Plamen Penev – Dalechen Svyat
11. Jura Tone feat. Lady B – Chance to Love You
12. Zona – Senki
13. Stefan Ilchev – Get Up
14. Nora – It’s Not Right
15. Emiliya Valenti – S Teb
16. Krassimir Avramov – Illusion
17. Tedi Slavcheva feat. Teni & Iva – Don’t Look For Me
18. Dani Milev – Nyama Vreme

It has to be mentioned that only one of the nine winners originally qualified through the heats and quarter finals. The other eight entries were all wildcards. Six of them were new to the competition after the quarter finals, the other two got a second chance after the quarter finals. 

After jury voting the nine acts who have qualified for the grand final after the three wilcards (with no order):

* Nora – It’s Not Right
* Dani Milev – Njma Vreme
* Jury Tone feat. Lady B – Chance to Love You
* Ivelina – Ready For Love
* Stefan Ilchev – Get Up
* Sahara – Don’t Kiss For Money
* Stefan Dobrev – Everlasting
* Krasimir Avramov – Illusion
* Moto – Razstonija  

The grand final of the Be a Star series will held on 21st February, and after that show, Bulgaria will have choosen the song which will be on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, which will be held on Moscow.

Source: EuroVisionary
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