Austria sends Trackshittaz to Baku!

It was now time for Austria to select its entry for this years Eurovision. A total of 10 songs competed tonight to get a chance to enter the biggest competition this year. After an amazing show tonight, Trackshittaz with the song called Woki mit deim Popo won the ticket to represent Austria in Baku this May.

After a long period Austria finally made their choice for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The show started at 20:15 CET live from Vienna, the fabulous capital of Austria. !DelaDap’s "Crazy Swing" was disqualified a few weeks ago because the song was published ealier in Ukraine breaking the broadcaster’s rules. ORF, the Austrian Broadcaster decided to let !DelaDap in the race with a new song called "Don’t turn around". You can find more information about tonight’s participants here. After an amazing night the winner was announced and Trackshittaz with the song Woki mit deim Popo won the right to represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. 

 The Songs:   

1.  James Cottriall Stand Up

James opened the Final with a lot of joy. His song was a powerful soft-pop and the public enjoyed his performance. On the stage were a lot of instruments and they were dressed colourfully (red, blue, green). His song had a special charm making the public literally "stand up" and applaud his performance.

2. KrautschädlEinsturzgefohr  
The Krautschädl band was the second entry in the Austrian Final. Their song was a bit rockish and there were a lot of instruments implied in the performance. A lot of light effects were used and their dressing was simple. They have good vocals but the public didn’t seemed to enjoy their performance that much.

3. Valerie Comme ça
Valerie’s song was a very stylish pop song with a catchy refrain. She seemed to remind us a little of Nina who represented Serbia at Eurovision 2011. The backing singers used a lot of instruments and a special circus background was used to make the performance look catchy and interesting. The public enjoyed Valerie’s entry and she seemed to have good chances in entering the ‘superfinal’.

4. 3punkt5 Augenblick
Sharon, the female singer of the band, opened the performance with incredible vocals then suddenly, Marko the rapper appeared and made the performance sound a bit different. The stage presentation was interesting but maybe too much for that performance. Sharon’s beauty and good vocals may earn them a place in the ‘superfinal’ but not a winner definetly.

5. Conchita Wurst That’s What I Am
Conchita’s ballad had a strong message and it was very energetic. She was dressed in a shiny dress and was joined on stage with 3 backing singers. A lot of light effects were used and the ending was very powerful, just like other good ballads at Eurovision. The vocals were not that good, the voice seemed a little forced but her popularitty in Austria may earn her a place in the ‘superfinal’.

6. Mary Broadcast Band – How Can You ask Me?
How Can You ask Me? is a nice entry sung by Mary the leader of the band, who was dressed in a red shiny dress. She was playing the guitar and she was joined on stage by four backing singers. Her song was a strange combination of American country songs and a ballad just like Sweden at Eurovision 2009. The public enjoyed the performance but I think that her song has low chances for qualifying in the ‘superfinal’.

7. !DelaDap Don’t turn around
It’s now time for !DelaDap band to enter the stage! The performance was quite good even though the choreography was poor and the vocals were not that impressive. The female singer was dressed in a short dress and great looking. The other band members played a lot of instruments and made a good impression to the public.

8. Papermoon – Vater, Fater, Mon Pere
Papermoon entered the stage and made quite a good impression with their vocal skills. The song was a calm ballad and the main singer was joined on stage with 4 backing singers, two of them were playing the guitar and the others were singing in the background. Light effects were used to make the song sound more attractive but the public was not that impressed with their performance.

9. Trackshittaz Woki mit deim Popo
Great performance by two rappers and good chances to enter the ‘Superfinal’. The main rap singers were joined on stage by three beautiful dancers, which made the show look really impressive. The coreography impressed the public and may have good chances to win tonight.

10. Norbert Schneider Medicate My Blues Away
Medicate My Blues Away was the last entry to perform tonight. Norbert was dressed in a formal suit and sang a great blues song. He was joined on stage by three singers playing different instruments and making the song sound like a veritable blues number. He seemed to be a hot favourite to enter the ‘superfinal’. 

The Show:  
The show started at 20:15 CET and a short movie was presented showing how the stage was built.  Then the three presenters appeard and they started interviewing the composers. A short videoclip about each contestant was shown before every act. 

The Results:  

After the recap of the entries was presented  it was revealed that Conchita Wurst and Trackshittaz qualified for the ‘Superfinal’ decided by televoting. Those two performed again and the public decided that Trackshittaz will go to Baku and represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

EuroVisionary Team wants to wish Trackshittaz the best of luck in Baku! 

Source: EuroVisionary
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