Amina releases new EP

Things have been rather quiet lately around Amina who narrowly missed the Eurovision Song Contest victory in 1991, but now she is back. A new EP with four tracks featuring British producer and beatboxer MaJiKer is being released these days. 

It was extremely close at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991. France and Sweden ended with 146 points points each. According to the rules individual points were then to be counted. First the number of times each country receieved 12 points. As that was still a tie, they went on to the number of 10 points awarded to them, and that ended up giving Sweden’s Carola the victory while Amina representing France came second.

Over the years Amina Annabi has released three albums, the last one being in 2001, but now she is finally back. The new Unveil EP includes the following four tracks:

  • Unveil
  • Nour – Reborn
  • Northern Lights (Byssan Lull)
  • Made In Shaman 
Among the songwriters we find Swedish Jonas Gladnikoff who has taken part in various selections around Europe, and three times made it to the Eurovision Song Contest (Ireland 2009, 2010 and 2014).
The Unveil EP is available as digital downloads on the 9th of April videos to all tracks will be released. In the video below you can listen to Nour Reborn, while you on Amina’s website find all four tracks.

Source: Amina Annabi, EuroVisionary
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