Amaury Vassili prays to heaven for a victory in Düsseldorf

Amaury Vassili had his final rehearsal today, belthing out his huge Corsican operatic number in front of a large crowd of journalists. The optimism in the French camp is highly justified this year.  The general vibe is that we may be in Paris next year.

A lot of hope rests on the shoulders of young Amaury Vassili to bring victory to France for the first time in 34 years.  He gave a great rehearsal yesterday, and today he was here again to put the finishing touches to his performance.

His outfit is a black military style jacket, white shirt and dark jeans.  An eye-catching costume isn’t necessary.  He’s alone on stage, and has a backdrop of ever changing clouds: at night, with lightning, at sunrise.  Again, it’s very simple and very effective.

The actual arrangement of the song is slightly different to the preview video.  The strings have been toned down just a little, and it’s been given a more modern, less orchestral sound.

On seeing this, you could be justified in thinking Paris 2012 is on the cards.  He sells it very well, he has excellent stage presence.  GThere are no gimmicks and it’s just a very classy operatic number.

In my view

This is the song to beat.  We don’t know which song will precede it, but Italy’s differently styled song afterwards makes this stand out even more.  Paris in May anyone?

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