Is Alexej Trying Too Hard to Get Us?

With a succesful first rehearsal under his belt, Russia’s young Alexej has a lot riding on today’s second rehearsal. Is being at the Euroclub most evenings starting to take its toll on the young star?

The second rehersal has kept the same visual effects as the first rehearsal with the two LED screens either side of the platform on stage. The lighting effects remain unchanged and rightly so, as the effect is stunning. The 2 screens gave the Russian delegation a slight headache, as did the platform that Alexej launches his somersault from – it looked like this moves while he’s making the tricky move, thus raising concerns for the star’s safety. The lighting is the same, with primary colours of the presentation being purples, blues, blacks and whites.

Although the stage production really can’t be faulted, itis indeed very slick with great emphasis being placed upon the choreography, today’s main concern were Mr. Vorobjov’s vocals during the first two run throughs, which came across as quite flat and considerably less powerful and expressive as those from the first rehearsal. His somersault is apparently causing him problems in hitting the note directly after.

In my view

Despite these small faults, Russia nevertheless comes across as a cracking number which sticks head and shoulders above most in their semifinal. It should, if all goes well, see Russia qualify and be in contention for a top 5 spot.

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